An Update on Manifest

Manifest is a WordPress theme I designed in 2010. At the time it was the design for my personal website. Upon redesigning my site, I didn’t want the theme to go to waste since I thought it was a pretty decent design. There wasn’t a big market for simple, single column wordpress themes so I decided to release it for free on my site. I emailed two popular WordPress theme sites about it and it took off from there. After about 200,000 downloads the team added it as an official WordPress theme on the service. It’s currently the 20th most popular theme on the site.

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of all the love I got for the theme. I’ve met some great people online because of it and had some terrific ego stroking when I would learn someone I admire was using it. As the time I dedicated to work and family increased, the time I had to support theme with updates decreased.

Even though I stopped updating Manifest years ago, I still get requests for it and come across sites utilizing it in great ways. I also have a need to get my own site back in order, and Manifest once again accomplishes what I need to do. A couple of years ago I started a complete rebuild of the theme. Updating it with often requested features including support for the latest WordPress features. Over time I’ll be updating this latest version of Manifest and documenting the changes as a go along. My time dedication to work and family has not in any way decreased (in fact it’s only increased), so theme updates will be sporadic, but you can follow me on Twitter for news of any updates that happen.

17 thoughts on “An Update on Manifest

  1. Hi Jim 🙂
    I’m one of your Manifest fan, still using it since many years, especially on my blog.
    I submitted some pull requests on GitHub, and I can’t wait to test your newest version 🙂 You can count on me to test it when you will release it !
    Thank you for your work,

      • Hi Jim, firstly, I love your theme – thank you for making the internet a more beautiful place! I am trying to use your theme for the blog I am setting up. I am using Managed WordPress with GoDaddy and they told me I had to contact the developer to get the details to install it manually by uploading to my themes folder. Could you help me out? Thanks so much, Victoria

  2. I just decided to take my one-stop-shopping site and make a landing page site, a blog site, and a sales site. Manifest looks like just what I need for the blog. I look forward to updates.

  3. I just wanted to tell you this post is also categorized as uncategorized which makes it the only uncategorized post you have. So it’s probably a mistake.

    No need to post this comment.

  4. Hello Jim,
    I have been looking to install Manifest but can’t seem to find it. How does one get the theme?
    Thank you,
    Deborah Dal Fovo

  5. The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

    This is the error message I get when I try to install Manifest from GitHub.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi,

    got the same issue. the style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header in the github download. can you please tell me how to fix it. i would really like to use the latest version of your theme.

  7. Im So sad, I was using this on word and accidently deleted the theme over the New Year when scrolling through WordPresse’s Premiums. Because they no longer carry it I had to go with a diffrent look for my blog and am not as happy with it as I was with Manifest. You did a beautiful job and I enjoyed it while it lasted!

  8. Hi Jim,

    I have been using your Manifest theme for a long time now with my blog, just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful design! I am sad to see that WordPress has retired your theme… what a shame!


  9. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the nice clean theme. I use it for a news blog for Furry fans. The site gets pretty decent traffic for that.

    I get complaints that it’s not mobile-responsive, and the text slams up against margins of mobile display with no padding.

    Is there anything that can be done about that?

  10. I loved Manifest and I can see you are using an updated version for your site

    Is it available for download somewhere?

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