Get Off My Lawn

I’ve been trying to get this site off the ground for quite some time now. Years actually. I don’t want to get into why it’s taken so long, but I do want to touch on why I’m doing it now.

My online presence is spread across a variety of social media sites, like the vast majority of people. This wasn’t always the case. [Cue old man voice] In my day you owned your online presence and content. With a domain and some HTML you had a home on the web. You defined what content you put out into the world and how it was presented. Yes, you can still do that, but it takes a bit of work and time. It’s become far easier to click a button to login into your new social media account using the login of your other social media account to post cat pics and dank memes. But for me what it comes down to is that none of it is fun. Social media has become an anxiety inducing chore.

Building a personal website is a creative outlet. Not only in the creation of the content you post, but also the design and creation of the site itself. It’s an opportunity for learning. Want to do that cool technique you saw on another site and wondering how it’s done? View the source. Google it. Message the creator of the site. Want your photos to be viewed in chronological order? Make it so. Need to edit that typo? Go for it. Have fun, and grow in the process.

Does this return of my personal site mean I won’t use social media? No. I’ll use them as tools, nothing more. What I don’t want is the sole outlet for my content being presented only by advertiser friendly designs and content moderation bots. Or have the only way my content is delivered and consumed being dictated by the all knowing algorithim. Have I mentioned how I hate referring to everything as “content”? I need to work on that.

Technical Notes

This first version is a minor refactoring of a previous site I never got off the ground (I’ve kept the few previous posts). It’s coded by hand, built with Jekyll, and deployed on Netlify. The code and source is a bit of a mess, but will be cleanded up in time. Let the fun begin.

City Rush

Woman crossing busy city street

Wall Street

Crowd of peaple outside the new york stock exchange

Fall Construction

Getting Dirty